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Construction Services

Residential  Construction
Citadel Construction has been serving the residential construction and renovation needs of Sevier County and Knox County residents for over a decade. Projects completed include countless cabins and mountain retreats throughout Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. We have also constructed numerous custom homes in and around Knoxville, Seymour, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg, TN. What makes our residential construction services unique is our ability to build efficiently by harnessing the power of our many subcontractors we work with on commercial projects.

Quality is also a key characteristic of our projects. We are committed to each project and work with homeowners in building—or even rebuilding—their dream home. You may have even seen our work on television, as we were the general contractor featured in a 5-episode series on the DIY network where we renovated a home in the historic Sequoyah hills neighborhood in Knoxville, TN. Citadel was also the builder for the Helen Ross McNabb Dream Home Giveaway, among many other projects in East Tennessee.

With a variety of stone, brick, siding, shingle, and log cabin house in our portfolio, you can rest assured that we are competent homebuilders who have "been there and done that." Call us anytime to discuss your residential construction and renovation needs.

Commercial  Construction
We've built our reputation by making sure our clients receive the highest caliber of construction service and value. Our commitment to superior quality, workmanship, innovative solutions and self practices is the foundation of a successful project. We provide excellence in a wide range of general construction areas, including:

• Carpentry
• Concrete
• Drywall
• Finish Work
• Framing (Timber, Steel)

• Foundations
• Masonry (Stone, Brick, Veneer, Block)
• Painting, Plaster, Stucco
• Site Work (Utilities, Roads, Drainage)

Construction  Management
Construction Management is a term covering a range of project delivery methods in which the Construction Manager (CM) joins the project team during the project formation or design phase and provides services related to:

• Project Phasing, Scheduling
• Budgeting, Estimating, Cost Control
• Value Engineering, Constructability, Technology

• Material and Labor Resources
• Subcontracting
• Project Management, Field Supervision

Citadel Construction can be hired as the CM to assist with any phase of the project, from pre-design to the final building phase, but typically maximizes value when hired early in the project for the pre-construction phase. Citadel will assist the designer with constructability issues, value engineering and provide continuous budgeting. By comparison, the traditional Design-Bid-Build method does not allow for this level of teamwork and cooperation prior to bidding.

The CM can serve in different capacities, with varying degrees of authority, depending on the Owner's needs and requirements. A fee is paid to the CM relative to the services performed, which range from advising during the pre-construction documents to administering the work after the drawings are complete, but serving as an Owner's agent in all matters. Construction Management is appropriate for both private and public projects that are relatively complex where continuous monitoring of cost and schedule are critical.

The CM's fee is proportional to the level of risk assumed, but is usually offset by the cost saving practices and value added during the pre-construction process by keeping the project on schedule, presenting estimates at key milestones (i.e. conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents), identifying opportunities for cost savings, and controlling costs/changes during construction. Citadel Construction as CM can also fast-track the project so that the work can occur simultaneously with the production of drawings, thus saving time and dollars.

Insurance  Restoration
Understanding the insurance rebuilding process can be a daunting task. Citadel Construction, a preferred vendor for Safeco Insurance (a member of Liberty Mutual Group), can not only help you understand the restoration process, but also help guide you through the entire process in a quick and efficient way.

Citadel Construction is proud to offer a complete line of restoration services after a flood, fire, storm, or some other natural disaster that damages your residential or commercial property. The first step is to secure the location by boarding up any openings and covering roof structures with tarps. Then, let Citadel Construction guide you through the complete rebuilding process, from salvage and cleanup to redesign and rebuild. We employ only the finest craftsmen for restoring buildings and residences.

Citadel Construction can help you with all of your residential and commercial restoration needs. Call 865-286-2699 and let our team of experts help with your insurance restoration project. If you are located in Gatlinburg, TN and are in need of residential construction services, please call us and ask to speak with Eric Horner. Citadel Construction is headquartered in Sevier County and is committed to helping our Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge neighbors rebuild after the 2016 fires.

Citadel Construction is proud to offer a complete line of renovation and restoration services for private residences, businesses and commercial sites. Let Citadel Construction handle your entire renovation project, whether it be a new kitchen or bathroom, a home addition, or a complete gut and rebuild project. Citadel Construction is committed to the preservation and restoration of historic architecture and will work with our clients to achieve the most accurate and lasting restoration or renovation.

Citadel Construction design-build provides the owner with the ability to contract with a single entity; Citadel, to provide both design and construction services. Design-build is growing in popularity as owners look to avoid conflicts and realize the benefit of one single point of responsibility for the delivery of their project.

Design-build can be used for any project large or small. It is most prevalent in private sector work, but its acceptance in the public sector is growing. Many states around the country (over 40) permit some form of design-build. The federal government has been proactive in using design-build and uses it in agencies.

Benefits of Design-Build:

Sole Source Responsibility: Citadel Construction takes full responsibility for quality, cost and schedule. By managing multiple, parallel objectives, including aesthetic and functional quality, budget and schedule adherence, we free the owner to focus on timely decision making, and scope and needs definition, rather than coordinating between designer and builder.

Quality: The sole source responsibility inherent in design-build provides the basis for quality and proper project performance. There are no conflicts or finger pointing between designer and builder over quality issues. If a problem does arise, Citadel Construction, as design-builder, addresses it.

Cost Savings: Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and constructability are implemented from the beginning of the project. The 1997 Penn State study that evaluated the traditional design-bid-build, CM at risk and design-build found that design-build delivered projects at less cost than the other two delivery methods.

Time Savings: Design-build is the fastest project delivery method. Because design and construction are overlapped, construction of the project can start before all systems are totally designed. Long bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. Time savings reduce labor costs and earlier utilization of the completed facility.

Construction Consulting
The Construction Consultant is either hired from the onset of the project or when the design is essentially complete and is expected to provide continuous CM service. This form of service is limited to an advisory capacity for the client, therefore there are no financial and construction responsibilities for the CM . On large, complicated projects, the client often hires a CM as a Consultant/Advisor if the client does not have sufficient in-house management or facilities staff, the project site is not conveniently located close to the client's home base of operations or the client seeks the perspective of a seasoned team of professionals.

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