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Gatlinburg, TN

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Citadel Construction is proud to have served as the general contractor for the entire renovation of the 24,000 sf Ripley's Beleive It Or Not museum in Gatlinburg, TN. An existing three-story commercial building was completely gutted and rebuilt, with a new traffic flow pattern developed that required the installation of two separate elevator and fire stairwell shafts located in the center of the building. This required a complex schedule of masonry and metalwork, but the project was still completed within the scheduled time of six months.

As construction progressed, an army of artisans from across the country were coordinated into the project. These creative service providers were responsible for the creation of dozens of different types of interior build-outs, as well as a large exterior sign creation that wraps two sides of the building.

Citadel Construction was able to completely rebuild one of our signature attractions in the timeframe allotted. The artisans and specialty service providers they employed throughout the project were all top noth.


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